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A Total New Map Of Rainbow Six Siege Is Coming! - For New Season Operation Grim Sky

8/10/2018 5:04:31 PM

we all know that maps play an important role in rainbow six siege game. especially it is crucial for r6 players that all maps need to be competitive. cause players can learn about how r6 maps are played, and what goes into making all of the bomb site locations viable options. therefore, a rainbow six siege map rework system will be showed in the game to provide one of the most competitive environments. and the first map receiving a rework will arrive in year 3 season 3. rainbow six siege news will tell you more.


in r6 map rework, each room looks completely different than each other. its getting easier for callout. and new stairs will also be added to improve movement between each floor, increasing the viability of rotations. the landscape change can ensure that players have rotation opportunities and are not funneling through a single choke point to access a portion of the map. in addition, changes to the layout of the map will open up better possibilities for defenders to move around the map, as well as for attackers when they are assaulting the objective the theme, or visual identity of a map is also one of the areas that may be fine-tuned. 

this rainbow six siege new map layout design is an important step to make the maps more visually pleasing. and although the map changed, it’s still familiar to us. the new hereford base will still retain its”.


however, this is just a rainbow six siege new map trailer, if you want to find out further details about rainbow six siege new map reworks and the incoming hereford base in season 3, please check rainbow six siege wiki or focus on, we’ll always keep updating r6 news.

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