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Rainbow Six Siege Kapkan - Best Gameplay, Skills And Loadout In R6 Game

10/13/2018 3:59:46 PM

in rainbow six siege game, master operator’s skills, familiar with the r6 maps, buying r6 bundles, r6 settings and r6 skins, knowing r6 gameplay, these are the basic thing you need to do if you want to go to the victory. check r6 news that i wrote before, almost all r6 operators news are showing there. so today i’ll bring you another r6 operator’s guide to you - kapkan. 

r6 operator kapkan skills

kapkan is a medium armored operator and a very efficient trapper. he has five traps, being capable of placing his traps inside doorways and windows, which will be detonated by enemies going through them. kapkan comes equipped with his homemade edd mkii tripwires which can be mounted into windows and door frames. it explodes when enemies enter trapped entryways, projecting shrapnel at anyone located in the device’s blast radius. and he can take impact grenades, opening him up to be an effective roamer with traps scattered across the r6 maps. 

r6 kapkan weapon

rainbow six siege kapkan loadout

kapkan primary weapons are 9×19vsn submachine gun and sasg-12 shotgun. 9×19vsn is a highly regulated submachine gun. only has 750 firing rate and 34 damage. it is not as fast as the mp5, but more damaging regardless whether or not it's equipped with a suppressor. it can be considered the in-between of the mp5 and the ump45 in terms of damage, ammo capacity and rate of fire. on the equipment, i recommend new r6 players still mainly to enhance stability, vertical grip plus compensator. when you are familiar with the game, you can use equipped with angled grip. the sasg-12 is one of the most potent. it has 11 clips, 50 single shot damage and has great recoil, you can still equip with vertical grip. close-ranged shot is a great advantage, semi-automatic shotguns next to the spas-12. in terms of damage and fire rate, this magazine-fed shotgun can easily tear a target to pieces. 

r6 kapkan loadout

kapkan’s secondary weapons are pmm handgun and gsh-18 handgun which has better recoil and ammo capacity than his other pmm. pmm’s single injury data reached 61, but the bomb capacity was only 9. when you are shooting , you’ll feel smooth and have fast changing speed. you can equip with muzzle brake or laser. 

r6 kapkan secondary weapon

kapkan gameplay rainbow six siege 

the beginning of the game depends on the location of the play to decide the order of the wall and edd. if you guard the spot, install edd first, then come back to seal the wall. if you play buff, seal the wall first then place edd. as for a trapper, the trap is one of the factors that the offensive takes into consideration. it will delay the rhythm of the attacking side. so that you need to develop edd in a variety of ways, in addition to normal booms, it can also force the attacker to reveal his position and create a position that is conducive to your gun. as for arranging the route, you need to think about it, but usually there are 1. points near the door. 2. points near the room. 3. the window hung on the other side. 4. the entrance to the corridor. it should be noted that you only have 5 edds, so where exactly you need to choose, the most mindless is to place all around the point. 

there is another gameplay for kapkan. you can pretend you are a r6 buff operator. exposure position to r6 drones, then arrange the route around you to wait for them to catch you. when they use the drones to re detect or knock on the door, you can find a chance to slip. they usually don't notice if you have edd on your way to evacuate. so that you can use edd kill them.

kapkan might be more difficult for newer players to use effectively. but if you are familiar with him, you can kill the attacking team. welcome to follow to know more r6 operator’s guide.

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