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Best Rainbow Six Siege Operator In Price Reduction - Buck Guide, Buck Loadout And Skills

2018/10/7 14:08:32

there is a special operator in rainbow six siege, whose name is buck. and he is one of the year one operators that in a price reduction. the price is reduce from 600 r6 credits to 360 r6 credits. then how to play him and what he can do? here is brief introduction about r6 buck guide. and according to rainbow six siege official site, there were other year one r6 operators who are in price reduction with him. you can find out in this rainbow six siege news .

buck skills 

he has access to the skeleton key, a shotgun attachment to his primary weapon that specializes in opening walls and floors quickly and efficiently. and the skeleton key gives not only the advantage of close combat, but also the ability to create new angles in the fight that caught the defense off guard. and he has an amazing rainbow six siege bundle - r6 buck canadian mp bundle.

r6 buck

buck skill advantage and disadvantage

i think it's more practical than ash's grenade, because rainbow 6 has most of the destructible walls. these destructive walls give offensive or defensive players a huge advantage over the gun on the condition that players can create their own line of sight against the gun. at the same time, the skill switching speed is extremely fast, quickly create a line of sight can be quickly cut, attack, usually this unexpected play will bring different effects.

skill disadvantage: damage is slightly lower and the area of scattering is larger because the larger the area, the wall will grow bigger. compared to ash, skills can not attack shields to clean barbed wire. however, the two grenades made by the officers have made up for this shortcoming, but they have been deflated by active defense.

buck loadout 

buck’s loadouts are c8-sfw and camrs marksman rifle, between the two weapons, i will choose camrs. fast and unlimited speed, but i do not advocate using mouse point closer. c8 has good lethality and fast fire speed.but the recoil force very high for me. it's not very suitable for me to open the wall and create a new line of vision to defend the defensive strategy. the speed provides good survivability, but the drawbacks are obvious. when running, the voice on the other side of the r6 map is too big to hear.

r6 buck loadout

buck is a medium armored operator, buck's unique gadget is an under-barrel mounted shotgun known as the "skeleton key", otherwise designated as the sk 4-12. this shotgun has a higher destructive potential than any of the other known shotguns.

let's talk about conventional thinking, hostage, bomb or biological weapon. first of all, if you play buck, the first thing you need to is to think about how to create a new line of sight, accidentally strike the defender outside the point. instead of the gun to the gun to the pc version of the attack, the winning rate has always been lower than the defensive side.

in the current version, rainbow six siege buck is the only choice for the vertical offense, sledge's superior substitution, grenades, enhanced c8, bottom-up offensive ability makes it irreplaceable in the profession and ranking. i think buck has an advantage in the fight with the defender. so do you want to buy him? as the price is decreased. just catch this opportunity. and you can buy cheap r6 credits in .

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