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Rainbow Six Siege Clubhouse Map- Best Mira Spots Position Details On Clubhouse

2018/10/3 18:49:05

there are many mira spots in channels of rainbow six siege clubhouse map. at these positions, you can't find your enemy for the first time. next, let's introduce the position details of mira spots in rainbow six siege clubhouse.

underground point

the first mira spot: weapon room, stuck the blue corridor

seal the left and open squatting mirror on the right, turn around you will find the enemy from underground passageway can't see you at the first time. note that the two walls on the right both need to be sprayed open so that you can cross the church to quickly support the point and hit people from the souvenir room. watch out for the rush of the underground passage behind you and the jumping point of the weapon room hatch.

rainbow six siege clubhouse map mira 01

the second mira spot: church, stuck the underground passage

seal the middle and right and open the left. this is a very common point. pay more attention to the enemies of the souvenir room hatch and the movement of the blue corridor direction.

rainbow six siege clubhouse map mira 02

the first floor

the first mira spot: bar counter, stuck storage room

be sure to take the castle, seal the door with castle, mark the spots and put shields, and reinforce the left side and leave the right sides open and squat the mira. when things are bad, they have to be transferred. this point attacker generally likes to play kennels

rainbow six siege clubhouse map mira 03

rainbow six siege clubhouse map mira 04

the second mira spot: bar, stuck staircase and kitchen corridor

it is recommended to put squatting mira, squatting behind the bar to prevent direct strikes from the strip club.

rainbow six siege clubhouse map mira 05

cash room on the second floor

the first mira spot: garage

it is recommended to seal the right and open the left, be careful with the hatch above your head and the garage behind you. it is better to leave an operator in the garage for the jungle to make sure that information is collected behind you.

rainbow six siege clubhouse map mira 06

the second mira spot: staircase

seal left and open right, the view is good. be careful the enemy on the staircase and whether the outer wall of the right-hand side is open.

rainbow six siege clubhouse map mira 07

the mira spot details of rainbow six siege clubhouse map has been explained, hope it can help you more familiar with the map. if you want to know about other maps such as hereford base, plane, bank, and so on, please pay attention to

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