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Best Rocket League Topper - Worried Watermelon, The Best Matching For Summer!

9/20/2018 3:30:44 PM

since the rocket league has been released for three years, a lot of rocket league skins, rocket league wheels, rocket league decals, trails and so on came out. in order to have a better in-game experience, many rl players will buy rocket league items to decorate their cars to get a nice rl car design. so in this cool and hot summer, what do you think is the most suitable car design? i just found a best rocket league item that can match any rl cars, wheels, rl decals or rl trails..the rocket league worried watermelon can be your best choice.that's the smell of summer. so today i want to share you something about this coolest rocket league topper - worried watermelon. if you get it, you can get the best rl car design.

the pictures below show the red and sky-blue color car, the wheels of the car is voltaic. and match this topper, it can be said that it is perfect. you can also see it in rocket league. cause this is a very rare topper which is the representative of summer. you must want to eat the watermelon, right? 

best rocket league topper - worried watermelon 1

best rocket league topper - worried watermelon 2

no matter what kind of rocket league skin, pattern or tail spray of the car you choose, it seems that the topper matches them all. it shows an extraordinary style.and can bring players a visual impact how amazing it is! i’m sure you will be a beautiful landscape in the competitions with this wonderful rl rocket league topper - worried watermelon 3

so, is it attract you? this best rocket league topper in summer will never go out of style. if you get it, you really can get the best car design. if you’d like to buy it, here are some purchase method.for you.

how to get rocket league topper worried watermelon

1.the first way is that you can directly buy from rocket league store, always sell cheap rocket league items. 

2.the second way is that you can use rocket league keys to have a trading in rocket league trading store or trade with other rl players. can also obtain worried watermelon from rocket league crates.

and here is the rocket league worried watermelon price trend chart.

best rocket league topper - worried watermelon 4

if you want to find out all rocket league items prices, just check and focus on rocket league news of, we’ll keep updating and bring you exciting news. hope you enjoy the game and enjoy this summertime!

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