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Rainbow Six Siege Tips-Buck Defense Point Recommendation On Border Map

9/20/2018 3:22:37 PM

many players do not know where to defend on border map of rainbow six siege. the defense location is important and to master the defensive position you may take advantage of the game. then the following contents will bring a rainbow six siege border buck defense point recommendation, hoping to help everyone. we can see the general layout of the map in the figure below: 


vertical attacks are the most efficient means of attack. learn to open these ceilings and you'll be able to attack the armory lockers and offices more quickly. most of the black mirrors are prefer to be put on the point as the picture shows, you may be hit as soon as entering the door on the first floor and easy to be attacked sneaky. if you open the black mirrors here, you'll be the halfway of taking up the armory lockers.

maestro and echo may lie in this position:

you can only hit people in the corner with limited angles, but they are equally effective.

the player who guards office likes to crouch here because after the two desks, one side can be cut the wall and the other side faces the window. 

regular points, the dome can also be blown by grenades.

the three cuboids crossed by the yellow mark need only three shots to open, and this position can also be exploded by hand grenades on the roof.

these are the defense point introduction for the operator buck on border map, hope to assist you to against the enemy in the match. buck is a strong operator in rainbow six siege, we need to figure out his weapons, skills, advantages, and disadvantages then can defense in the point better or make a big impact in the game.

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