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Rainbow Six Siege Updates - Valkyrie Camera Spots Placement Suggestion Of Consulate Map

9/21/2018 10:28:49 AM

information acquisition is particularly important in rainbow six siege, and valkyrie's reconnaissance skills make her extraordinary different between other operators. but do you understand the important camera spots of valkyrie? here is an article about the valkyrie camera spots placement suggestion of consulate map, please look forward. more tactics of rainbow six or other games, please refer to new lists on

i'd like to tell you before introducing the spots, for a camera spots, it is difficult to have both concealment and good vision, as is the case for all of the following camera spots. i will introduce the spots on the second floor and the first floor to the ground in turn.

1. the second floor

the first spot is used to see main stairs, exit stairs, and service stairs. at the same time, the changing camera spots are more concealed than the previous one, but at the expense of a certain field of vision. the following are black camera spots and viewing effect.

the second camera spot is in the meeting room, which is mainly for the purpose of preventing to plant the bomb by the c4 operators walking on the first floor at the bomb point. flowerpot on the left can also be thrown a camera. these two spots can be seen except in the position shown in the second picture. the second picture shows a safer planting bomb point. if the black camera spot can't see the planting bomb point, it's not wrong to throw c4 at the position of the second picture.

the third camera spot is outdoor, which has several variations, such as throwing a camera on a tree on the right or left. the defenders who hang up the window will be caught unawareness and protect the safety of mira. it has a good vision and but also very easy to expose. 

2. the first floor

the camera spots can cover the range including up and down stairs. besides here, there is a camera spot of main stairs.


3.the basement

finally, we talk about basement point, one camera spot is at the yellow staircase, and another spot is behind the white car of the garage to see if the attacker was planting the bomb.

the tires near a garage can also throw a camera, it's better to hide and lose less field of vision.

the last spot of the consulate is the basement service stairs, mainly prevent the attackers from winding up and kill our mira, smoke and other important tactical operators.


cameras as the valkyrie's skill plays a great role in the game. familiar with the placement of camera spots on consulate map, it not only help you learn the map but also make you master the valkyrie's operation. however, there is also much space to improve the skill. come to follow us, let's play the game together.

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