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Rainbow Six Siege Maps - Strategy For Different Maps Of Rainbow Six Siege

8/29/2018 5:34:12 PM

rainbow six siege as a tactical type of shooting game, in addition to demanding good marksmanship and consciousness, the understanding of the map is more important, but also play a good foundation for this game. therefore, it is necessary to be familiar with and apply the different maps of the game.

there are 18 maps in the game, they are bank, bartlett u., border, chalet, club house, coastline, consulate, favela, hereford, house, kafe dostoyevsky, kanal, oregon, plane, skyscraper, theme park, tower, and yacht. for example, let's see the bank map as shown in the following figure:


figure 1. bank

how to familiar with a map? first of all, we can see from the map, the yellow areas mean it can be completely destroyed, can be reinforced, can burst into people's walls, floors and so on. the red area is where you can see the opposite side of the field of vision after damage, but people can't get through it, for example, when the floor explodes, you can see people below, but the steel bars keep you from going down. for the player that is not very familiar with the map, it is suggested to find a friend to open a custom map of the birth point, then to understand the camera point of target point, such as bombs, hostages, eliminate, then recite each point in the corresponding pattern of the map and try to judge the target point in the first 15 seconds. to see the doors, windows, and wooden walls near the birth point (in case of spawnpeek), and the doors, windows, floors, and wooden walls can be opened near the target point (to determine whether thermite and fuze will appear). all camera point need be figured out because the tram can destroy all the indoor cameras in the preparation time without interference, and destroy the outdoor cameras in the first time within the accessible range after the start.

generally speaking, you can start the game refer to this order: see the map - think about possible points - decide whether to cut the wall - choose the character - start the game and check the point - check and protect the car - official start - car check the point - advance and clear the point. tactics are two main categories. give priority to the cutting wall and bottom pack combination of thermite, thatcher, and montagne, stuck the point from front or attack, or carry out fast attack ideas mainly based on ash, twitch and hibana three character, quickly occupied the point. besides, vertical attacks such as sledge, fuze, and buck need to understand the relationship between the upper and lower levels of the map.

every map is different, you can understand refer to these screenshots. if you are interested in more details of the maps, please focus on and

bartlett u.

figure 2. bartlett u.


figure 3. border

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