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Rainbow Six Siege Advanced Map Guide-Villa Map Bomb Sites Tips And Tricks

10/19/2018 4:42:23 PM

this guide will cover some advanced tips and tricks of rainbow six siege villa map, hope it can help you familiar this map and play better in the game. more advanced rainbow six siege map guide, please head over

bomb sites: the living room and library
this entrance here with the toilet a lot of people like to try and push from this side of the map and what they don't realize is the roof above that window is actually breached.


and there's even a hatch most people don't even seem to be paying attention to.


as a defender, if you come upstairs you can open up all of this section here and get a really good line-of-sight.


down onto that window or alternatively, you could leave that bit closed and open the hatch to get a nice angle. i need to stick with the theme of defending the living room and library by coming upstairs to the pool room, you can actually come to the north side of the pool table and using someone like smoke and a shotgun open up this section of floor.


this map features much verticality, and you can create nice lines of sight from a completely separate floor. as we know that there's a rotation in the bathroom or into the toilet.

at the top of the stairs or the red stairs by opening this up, you can keep an eye on the window directly below you.


you'll be able to look down onto that window by prepping the window just to your side on the second floor, you've got a really nice rotation. as a defender, just inside of the library, you've got this little gallery area by putting a mirror onto this wall and not reinforcing it, you can get a really line-of-sight on three separate doors covering the majority of the living room. as an attacker you can come up and take it out so by coming to the pool table. through in the hunting vault, you can look through the roof by opening it up and get a line of sight onto that defender that's playing mirror.

bomb sites: the dining room and kitchen
the kitchen is pretty big to cover a big place but a lot of people tend to be coming from this balcony and then into the laundry area.


the nice thing about this is if the opponents managed to get past and through that doorway, you can rotate get a line of sight on them, you can drop down that hatch. the other option is if they push through there the next door they're going to have to go through is into the dining room which you can also cover from by placing barbed wire down there.

moving into the statue room, you can come across this wall and open up a really nice line-of-sight. this looks down into the doorway that pushes into the dining room from the gallery, this is another entry site into the dining room.

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