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Rainbow Six Siege Maps - Tower Map Defense Guide (Ii)

9/11/2018 9:17:01 AM

in the last article we introduced the first location, restaurant/bird room of the tower map defense, and then let's take a look at the defensive skills of the second point: tea room/bar. any suggestions or comments please contact us, contact way is on the homepage, in addition, you can also buy r6 credits and some other game digital items through this site.

rainbow six siege maps-tower ii 01

how to defend at the tea room/bar of the rainbow six siege tower map?

the points must be reinforced: tea room 2 1, bar 3, hatch 1.

rainbow six siege maps-tower ii 02

rainbow six siege maps-tower ii 03

rainbow six siege maps-tower ii 04

spray the connection between the bar and the tea room, and the operator stands in the distance, the head behind the pillar, be sideways near the door and ready the gun. half of the body has a shelter, people standing far away for the first time may not notice, it's safe. the wall next to the bar window is not reinforced, spray it. in the hostage mode, the hostages squat down or lie down, wait for people to come in and be seen through the foot hole, and then pierce the wall to death. this point is not immediately visible to the attackers outside the window. if the attacker jump from the front window, he will be in the line you can shoot. put a barbed wire fence in the rear window, if someone enters, it will remind and also slow the attacker down. the defender also can lie on the back of the sofa, from 2 windows cannot see, it's safe but a little far away.

the door of the tea room is not recommended to block with the mobile shield. because the operator who aims at the door of bar in the tea room will be attacked and if there is a mobile shield, the attacker may use a mobile shield as a cover for the gun, which will be more difficult to handle. tea room shooting point is only the door, you can use a torpedo heater to blast away the wall behind the kitchen. jungle can see if anyone outside the door as long as in the kitchen in the distance, but the attacker will not dare to set up the gun on the door of the tea room or take care to aim at the direction of the hole. the window of the bar and the two windows of the lounge can be similar to the stealing location of the bird room or can be stolen from the railings on the second floor, but we must be aware that there is no enemy take guns on the third floor.

rainbow six siege maps-tower ii 05

rainbow six siege maps-tower ii 06

rainbow six siege maps-tower ii 07

by the way, you can aim at the attacker outside the door of the bar, but be careful if there is an attacker on the third floor.

rainbow six siege maps-tower ii 08

above is all about the tea room/bar defense guide of the rainbow six siege tower map.

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