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Rainbow Six Siege Maps - Tower Map Defense Guide (I)

9/10/2018 2:55:42 PM

many rainbow six siege players don't know how to defend at the tower map of rainbow six siege, after all, the open layout and three-dimensional distribution, which makes it extremely difficult for the defender to reinforce the wall. next, i'll share a rainbow six siege tower map defense guide, hoping to give you a new defense thinking. there are five points need to pay attention to, we'll talk about the first point, restaurant/bird room in this article.

how to defend at restaurant/bird room of rainbow six siege tower map?

the restaurant has four walls (which must be reinforced), two hatches, one on the restaurant roof (which must be reinforced), and one on the kitchen roof (which is recommended, but if there is vigilance, it don't have to be reinforced.), and the bird room has six walls. this means the four walls of the restaurant must be reinforced, even though giving up the kitchen hatch. the bird room also has a wall that didn't have to be reinforced. as for which side is not reinforced, it depends on you or your teammates, left and right can be, as long as it is not in the middle. i recommend the right side because after spraying, you can look at the kitchen attacker from the back of the wall to the window, which is equivalent to looking at two points at the same time. but if this happens, the wall next to it must be strengthened, and if both hatches are strengthened, the wall that is not strengthened will have to be one left and one right.

because it is the indoor point, if you want to set up a gun, you can only get out of the window outside the kitchen.

rainbow six siege map-tower 4

this point can be for a jungle.

rainbow six siege map-tower 5

the advantage is that they won't be ambushed by people on the third floor, and they can move quickly rely on the shelter, whether they steal it or not, they can also steal an entire corridor outside the bird room.

another point is to jump down the stairs on the third floor and (if you're not sure where the other person is shooting a gun, you can also walk down) steal someone and go upstairs and evacuate.

rainbow six siege map-tower 6

the place shown below can be used for an ambush, and can't be seen outside the window or hatch. if there's a wire netting, place it behind the window / under the hatch. someone comes in will make a noise, go out speedily and kill him and come back. similarly, the defender in the restaurant can clearly hear the voice of the barbed wire and put on the gun ahead of time.

rainbow six siege map-tower 7

above all is about the defense guide of rainbow six siege tower map restaurant/bird room, i'll introduce the tea room/bar, lantern room/gift shop, media center/exhibit room and ceo's office later. please follow up us, constantly.

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