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Rainbow Six Siege Map Strategies- How To Clear Sniper Spots Of House Map

9/14/2018 5:40:08 PM

with the game going on, i believe many players have a certain understanding of most maps of rainbow six siege, and the chicago house is the smallest map in the game, because there is only a line on the second floor, sniper spots just outside the building, can be used for aiming at this line. therefore, almost each time attackers will have an operator with 2.5 times lens on the sniping stand. and the defender's location was originally at a disadvantage, and the number of players who had 2.5 times mirror was few., sniper spots clearance is more difficult, how to solve this problem? next, i will bring the sniper spots clearance strategy of rainbow six siege house map.

the general layout of the house map:


the first sniper spot is the side stairs next to the kid's bedroom, it's easy to blow up the head of the attacker on the sniper spot directly, but need to be careful the attacker goes through the reinforced window in the high-end round.



the second sniper spot is the pool table, knock out a seam from the lower edge of the window, so that you can sneak the sniping spot safely at the low-end round.



what's more, the crack you knocked near the billiard table on the first floor can't be seen unless the attacker looks very closely.




so it's better not to go up to the house map sniper spot before at least confirming these points. especially the new players use glaz and go to the sniper spot mindless to get them killed quickly at the beginning of the game. at the same time, when you are the attackers, especially in the kid's bedroom and the master bedroom, you can explore these two places. it is easy to break through by a few guns or infiltrate around it.

although the house map is the smallest map in the rainbow six siege, this is not meaning it can be ignored, if you want to get the victory, the general layout, each sniper point, camera location and tips of attackers and defenders all should be familiar. besides, rainbow six siege credits can be used for purchasing the game items you like to strengthen your operator's skill and increase the interesting of the game. safe and cheap r6 credits are provided in, which also updates rainbow six siege news constantly. please pay attention to it.

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