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Rocket League Vehicles/Bodies Tips and Guide - How To Figure Out The Differences Between Cars

12/8/2017 5:52:06 PM

Maybe you've already wondered what the differences are between all the cars in the game. Take the fastest! The most powerful! The lightest!

It is not so. At least if you hope to play on the features if on. Indeed, the cars are all as fast, as powerful and as "light". Is there a difference then? Yes!


Rocket League Cars -The Hit box

The main difference is the hit box (or hitbox) of the vehicle. There hit box is what will come into contact with the ball when you go to touch or hit it. The hit box is significantly different depending on the shape of the vehicle. Normal!

To explain you by taking two extremes as below:


- The Merc is a square shaped vehicle. To enlarge the features it's like playing with a cube. The front hit box is big and flat. That does not mean that it is bad for all that.


- The Breakout is flat. If you roll on the ball and shoot in it, it will tend to go higher because the hit box in the front is very small. You understand? The roof also covers a large area. You will see below that it will have an impact.

Watching a video is always easier to understand. Here is where I want to come:


Then there would be other small differences well explain and illustrated on the forum of the game, quite innocuous on the gameplay. Small precision: The objects do not influence the characteristics of the vehicles, otherwise its design.

That's not all! There is still a little secret to discover. It's still about hit-box and it's really important to shoot well.


The different sides of the Rocket League vehicle

To be brief, during a shot, all cars emit more power with their bump. It is proven and you have certainly already noticed. It is the part that releases that concentrates the most energy.

The second most powerful place is the sides and the back. I still think you'll be more powerful with the sides of the vehicle than with the rear for speed issues. And you are less likely to find yourself typing with the back.

Then it comes the roof. The least powerful place is the underside of your vehicle. Moreover, when he touches the ball, it is there that one notices all his weakness. Do not hesitate to score with this face there, not when you are beginner anyway. But it can still be used to stop a shot, although one will prefer another face.

To summarize: below <on <back <side <before

By dint of playing will understand that the most important thing is to play with a car that we like. Many people (especially high level) play with hotshot style car, breakout. They are elongated and flat. This facilitates the aerial game.


It's up to you to find the one that's right for you! Want to get any new Rocket League Body? Check out our Rocket League Items here. 

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