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Rainbow Six Siege Tactics-How To Play On Bank Map

9/19/2018 10:58:30 AM

the bank map of rainbow six siege is very old, transformed into a classic tactical map, and here's the tactical explanation of the second floor of the bank: the executive lounge and the ceo office. this is a basic tactic, suitable for the use of five-person ranked team, mainly around the placement of black mirror and castle to describe. other map tactics please focus on

placement of the black mirror

first of all, we can see the wooden wall in the picture below. in professional league matches, professional players often spray open the wall and the side wall. why?


because of the mira's black mirror. the black mirror below shows the entire open area on the 2nd floor, with a good view. if a 2.5 times mirror operator guard the area will pose a great threat to any attacker who wants to pass through the open area. once the attacker moves from the open area, the defender behind the black mirror can peek out to complete the kill anytime.


with regard to the placement of the second black mirror, as shown below, a row of holes are ejected from the side wall of the stock trading room so that the two large windows, doors and the interior of the trading room can be stuck directly behind the black mirror.


to ensure the security of the defender behind the black mirror, we need to put ads and signal interface device under the two black mirrors.

defense layout within the point

first, the strengthened wall and the other unreinforced wall in the figure below need to be strengthened and place electric boxes or signal interface device to prevent the attacker from cutting the wall.


next, we need to reinforce the wall in the picture below to prevent the attacker holds the position behind the office desk from the door of the doorman cabinet directly.

there are also the walls shown below, to prevent direct penetration by the attacker and the attacker's explosive rush.



placement of castle

the following three areas are the key locations for placing the castle.

1. executive hallway

the castle put on the executive hallway can prevent the attacker from hanging windows outside the hall to penetrate and kill the defender directly.


2. conference room

the castle in the conference room is designed to prevent the attacker from rushing directly into the point and threatening the defender behind the black mirror. it also functions as a prop changer. in addition, the side wall beside the castle should be reinforced.


3. executive lounge

seal all the windows and doors of the front desk and close the right-most windows with castle, because the attacker can hang ropes from this window and kill the defender behind the conference room black mirror. the advantage of placing castle is to expand the defensive area and leave a return route for the jungle.



it is also necessary to spray the floor of the picture below to provide convenience for vertical defense.


finally, the operator recommended are mira, castle, jager, mute and smoke/bandit/pulse/valkyrie.

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