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Rainbow Six Siege Maps Strategies - Where's Unconventional Stealing Kill Position Of House Map

9/18/2018 10:40:31 AM

as we know, tom clancy's rainbow six siege is a shooting game between the attackers and defenders. players need to hit the enemy or complete the game missions to get the victory. we have talked before in the news about stealing kill position of chalet map, stealing a kill just a unique strategy or tip for the game, it's helpful for rainbow six siege operators. in this article, we'll talk about the stealing kill position of house map.

1. blinds point

using the throwing gun to blow up the wall, you can see the resurrected enemy at the construction site.


marksmanship requirement: ★★★★★

practicability: ★★★




2. the second-floor master bedroom

knock on the upper left corner of the window, do not break the glass, stand on the bed you can see the enemy came from the explosion-proof car.


marksmanship requirement: ★★★★

practicability: ★★




3. the second-floor bathroom

knock the left window of the bathroom on the right and don't break the glass. you can see the way from to the construction site to the sniper deck.


marksmanship requirement: ★★★★★

practicability: ★★



4. rotary staircase

knock but not to break, you can see the enemy from the construction site because there are bushes, the offender's vision is not particularly good, but the defender is very clear.


marksmanship requirement: ★★

practicability: ★★★★




these four positions are the stealing kill position or sneak attack position of the r6 house map, in general, the most concealed place is the second-floor bathroom, the position of highest demand for marksmanship is the blinds point and the second-floor bathroom and the most practical point is the rotary staircase.

in the matches of the game, you can choose the best suitable point according to your operator and skills. stealing a kill just a strategy, there are many other methods, don't just rely on it. more news and cheap rainbow six siege credits, please focus on

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