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Rainbow Six Siege Maps Guide - Unique Stealing Kill Location Of Chalet Map

9/17/2018 11:05:19 AM

no matter you are attacker or defender in the rainbow six siege, learning to steal a kill is important, we should make it clear that stealing a kill are not evil ways, it just a unique strategy or tip for the game, on the other side, this tip can't solve all problems. therefore we should not be prejudiced against sneak attacks, and not rely too much on it. before introducing the stealing kill position, please take notice of the following points:

1. it is recommended that new players try to steal people after they are familiar with each map (for more than 10 hours to play).

2. another requirement of stealing a kill is shooting, many stealing processes lasts less than 3 seconds, requiring players to have a higher rate of hitting and precision, otherwise, it is easy to be counter-killed.

3. play ranked round, we suggest that the players who are red copper four to gold four can steal frequently, and then upward section the enemy will be specifically targeted at stealing, the success rate is greatly reduced.

4. do not be addicted to stealing kill, stealing can bring high profits, but this is an fps game, the disadvantage of being addicted to stealing is not to focus on improving other skills. and stealing after being counter-murdered is equivalent to our loss of combat effectiveness, sometimes not cost-effective.

5. key operators are better not steal. for example, smoke, mira.

stealing kill position of chalet map

1.the second floor railings:

if you climb over the railings, you can stand on the railings. do not stop, and walk slowly to the position as the figure shows. if you open the first window on the left, you can see the reborn enemy.




2. office: 

people who can see the enemy sideways when they open the door.




3. defense position:

as shown below, blow up, put a barbed wire on the floor, and then blow up on the second floor. the concealment degree, the requirement of shooting and the practical degree of the defensive position are the highest of the three points.





the stealing kill positions of chalet map has been introduced in the above contents, you can play as a reference in the game, hope it's useful to you. each map has unique stealing kill position and we'll talk about the other maps in the following rainbow six siege news, if you are interested, you can follow except for maps, improving the operator skills is also important, know about their skills, weapons, strengths, and weaknesses. or by buying some skins and weapons with r6 credits directly. is selling the cheap r6 credits with a safe and convenient way and welcome to consult at any time.

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